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"Please accept this as my endorsement of your candidacy for the elected position of the Sherburne County Sheriff, you have continued to maintain the high level of professional service that our citizens have come to expect. You have brought with you the ability to intergrate new technology to meet the demands of the future. With your leadership, the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office works in tandem with the Sherburne County Attorney's Office in furtherance of public safety for our citizens."

Kathy Heaney, Sherburne County Attorney

"Sheriff Brott is a proven leader that understands the importance of cultivating partnerships to improve public safety. A qualified observation and genuine appreciation from your neighbor."

Stearns County Sheriff
John L. Sanner


"Joel's got great administrative skills. He's ready to take this department to another level. He's exceeded our expectations."

Felix Schmiesing
Sherburne County Commissioner


"Sherburne County has been served well by our Sheriff Joel Brott. I know he will continue to serve us well in the future. Joel knows how important it is for citizens to feel well protected by law enforcement. It is an honor to support Sheriff Brott in the upcoming election."

Betsy Wergin
Retired Sherburne County Commissioner and former State Senator