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Sheriff Brott and Family

Sons Alex, Austin, and Tyler

Joel and Julie

Sheriff Brott sworn in by District Court Judge Thomas Hayes

Sheriff Brott and the Red Hatters

Sheriff Brott and Retired Sheriff Bruce Anderson

Sheriff Brott at the 2010 Big Lake Expo

Sheriff Joel Brott recognized the Volunteer Bailiff’s who help keep the courthouse operating efficiently today at the Sheriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff Joel Brott “We have a great group of people who donate a large amount of time and energy everyday to make sure the courthouse runs smoothly.”  The Volunteer Bailiff program began in June 2002 and currently has 26 volunteers. Sheriff Brott stated “The Volunteer Bailiff’s provide invaluable service to the county by:”

Sheriff Brott States “Because of the work that these Volunteer Bailiffs do, I am able to free up the Court Security Deputies to concentrate completely on the safety of the Courtroom and the Government Center as a whole.” 

The Volunteer Bailiff program donates over 5400 hours per year.

A volunteer working hard at the Big Lake Expo!

Sheriff Brott along with Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer speaking at the Kids Choice Graduation

Sheriff Brott congratulating a Kids Choice Graduate

Sheriff Brott's dedicated parade supporters

Monticello Parade

Monticello Parade