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Sheriff Brott was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Sheriff Brott graduated from St. Cloud Apollo High School in 1990. Sheriff Brott attended Alexandria Technical College and earned a law enforcement degree in 1992. Sheriff Brott also graduated from the National FBI Academy in 2007.

Brott began his law enforcement career with the Minneota and Redwood Falls Police Departments. He then came to Sherburne County and worked as a patrol deputy. He progressed and was promoted through the department to work in other areas of the office. He has worked on Sherburne County's Emergency Response Unit, commonly known as a SWAT team, acting both as an entry team member and trained as a hostage negotiator. He has worked as a school liaison officer and a field training officer, training Sherburne County deputies.

He received promotions to Investigator, Investigative Sergeant, Captain of Investigations, and then to Sheriff. During this time, Brott investigated all levels of cases, acted as the lead investigator in several homicides, responded to or assigned all death investigations, and reviewed every case distributed to the investigative unit. He has testified in numerous homicide cases before grand juries and jury trials. As Captain he supervised the entire Criminal Investigative Unit, which included investigators, sergeants, and the County's drug and gangs task force.

As Sheriff of Sherburne County, Brott leads not only the 120 member law enforcement portion of the office, but the 170 employees in the Sherburne County Jail. The Sherburne County Jail has the capacity to house 667 inmates. Sherburne County has been entrusted by the federal government with housing inmates prior to their trial, which has allowed Sherburne County to remain one of the few financially self-sufficient counties.

Sheriff Brott and his wife, Julie, have three boys. Away from work he and Julie keep busy as they watch their boys participate in baseball, football, track, and golf.

Brott serves as a member of the FBI National Academy, the Minnesota and National Sheriff's Association, the YMCA Community Board, and the Elk River Lions and Elk River Rotary. He has participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics for more than a decade.

Sheriff Brott's main efforts since taking office have been with the children in the County, partnering with the other agencies to make the best use of our resources, and informing Sherburne County's citizens as to the events around them. One of Brott's main priorities is on safety and education of Sherburne County's future, our children. One of the first things Brott implemented after taking office was the creation of the K.I.D.S. Choice (Kindness, Intelligence, Decency and Safety) Program. Every fifth grader in Big Lake, Becker and Clear Lake participated in the program that increases awareness about drugs and alcohol use, internet safety, and bullying. K.I.D.S. Choice is a 12 week program that will graduate 500 students this year.

Sheriff Brott also provided every elementary school, middle school, and high school in Sherburne County 800 MHZ radios. These are interoperable radios that allow communication between school officials, Sheriff's department or local law enforcement officers, and emergency dispatch centers. These radios allow school officials to communicate with law enforcement in the event of an emergency at any of our schools.

Sheriff Brott recognizes that everyone's budgets are being stretched to the limit. Why not combine resources to accomplish the same task in an innovative way? Some Sherburne County Deputies have been matched with probation agents in order to personally monitor some of their probationers in a more effective way.

Sheriff Brott believes that an aware and alert neighborhood is a better protected neighborhood. Sheriff Brott publishes a newsletter twice a month that details safety tips, cases under investigation, as well as local events of interest. To obtain an online copy of the newsletter click here. I look forward to serving the citizens of Sherburne County to the best of my ability. I know that we will continue to be a strong and successful community in the years to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to work for you as your Sheriff.

Joel Brott